Bond for Capital Facilities, Vehicles & Equipment

THE BOARD OF FIRE COMMISSIONERS of East Pierce Fire & Rescue (“District”) adopted Resolution No. 841, concerning a proposition to finance fire stations, land, vehicles and equipment. If approved, this proposition will authorize the District to: construct 4 new fire stations to replace existing fire stations; acquire land; construct a new fire station in Tehaleh; acquire firefighting and emergency medical service vehicles and equipment; make other capital improvements; issue no more than $80,000,000 of general obligation bonds maturing within 20 years; and levy annual excess property taxes to repay the bonds, all as provided in Resolution No. 841.

The proposition will be included on the ballot for the November 6, 2018 General Election.

How Will The 2018 Bond Help?

Funding will allow the district to:

  • Update or replace deteriorating and ineffective fire stations

  • Increase operations reliability

  • Become compliant with safety standards

  • Improve response coverage to address our communities’ rapid population growth

  • Upgrade aging response fleet and apparatus

Work To Be Done


The majority of East Pierce Fire and Rescue’s facilities are old, outdated, non-compliant and in dire need of updating or replacement.

The extent of work requires a two-phase approach. A bond issue is the most cost effective and reasonable funding option to accomplish the work.

PHASE ONE: (work to be done with this bond)

Replace 4 fire stations

  • Station 111 - Bonney Lake



  • Station 112 - Prairie Ridge



  • Station 114 - Lake Tapps




  • Station 118 - Edgewood



Add 1 new fire station

  • Station 117 - Tehaleh

Upgrade ladder truck, fire engines, medics units and equipment


Replace 1 fire station

  • Station 124 - Milton

Remodel/Expand 3 fire stations

  • Station 113 - Sumner


  • Station 115 - Lake Tapps-East   


  • Station 116 - Foothills

Build a training facility

Station Location Yrs Old Action Needed
111* Bonney Lake 24 Replace - Phase I
112 Prairie Ridge 42 Replace - Phase I
113 Sumner 27 Upgrade - Phase II
114 Lake Tapps 48 Replace - Phase I
115 Lake Tapps - East 38 Upgrade - Phase II
116 Foothills 39 Upgrade - Phase II
117 Tehaleh New Phase I
118 Edgewood 70 Replace - Phase I
119 South Prairie 32 No Work
124* Milton 36 Replace - Phase II

* Leased station. Building owners want to regain possession.

Existing Fire Stations

  • Lack space to add firefighters
  • Are not seismically resistant
  • Designed for volunteer use (now staffed 24/7)
  • Lack safety systems
  • Not ADA compliant

Aging Response Vehicles

  • Ladder Truck is 19 years old and will not be considered by insurance industry standards at 20 years (affects WA Survey & Rating Bureau)
  • Engines are nearing 10 years with high mileage
  • Medic Units will require replacement in 3-4 years (5 year rotation)

Financing Strategy

East Pierce Fire and Rescue has never before asked voters to approve a capital bond issue.


  • $80 million bond to repay over 20 years
  • An average $400k property value will pay $8.33 per month
  • Approximately 25¢ / $1,000 of assessed value

PHASE TWO will require financing later.


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