Residential Sharps Disposal

Needle Disposal

To dispose of needles properly:

  1. Put used needles in a plastic bottle.
  2. Seal the lid with tape.
  3. Label the container “BIOHAZARD”.
  4. Dispose of at a transfer station or in your garbage can. NEVER put needles in your recycle bin.
These transfer stations accept sharps disposal free of charge.

Tacoma Recovery and Transfer Center
3510 S. Mullen St., Tacoma

Hidden Valley Transfer Station
17925 Meridian E, Puyallup

Prairie Ridge Transfer Station
11710 Prairie Ridge Dr. E, Sumner

Purdy Transfer Station
14515 54th Ave. NW, Gig Harbor

Key Center Transfer Station
5900 Key Peninsula Hwy, Lakebay

More Information:

Questions? Visit or call 253-649-1420.