Firehouse Newsletters

EAST PIERCE PUBLISHES a newsletter that is mailed to each home in the District 2-4 times a year. The newsletter includes news about the department plus important public safety messages.  See below for previous issues.

2018 Winter Newsletter (PDF)

2017 Spring Newsletter (PDF)

2016 Winter Newsletter (PDF)

2016 Fall Newsletter (PDF)

2016 Spring Newsletter (PDF)

Note: Due to budget cuts there will only be three newsletters in 2016.

2015 Fall/Winter Newsletter (PDF)

2015 Summer Newsletter (PDF)
Note: Due to budget cuts there will only be two newsletters in 2015.

2014 Winter Newsletter (PDF)

2014 Fall Newsletter (PDF)

2014 Summer Newsletter (PDF)

2014 Spring Newsletter (PDF)

2013 Winter Newsletter (PDF)

2013 Fall Newsletter (PDF)

2013 Summer Newsletter (PDF)

2013 Spring Newsletter (PDF)

2012 Winter Newsletter (PDF)

2012 Fall Newsletter (PDF)

2012 Summer Newsletter (PDF)

2012 Spring Newsletter (PDF)

2011 Winter Newsletter (PDF)

(Note: Due to budget cuts, there was no 2011 Fall issue)

2011 Summer Newsletter (PDF)

2011 Spring Newsletter (PDF)

2010 Winter Newsletter (PDF)

2010 Fall Newsletter (PDF)

2010 Summer Newsletter (PDF)

2010 Spring Newsletter (PDF)

2009 Winter Newsletter (PDF)

2009 Fall Newsletter (PDF)

2009 Summer Newsletter (PDF)

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