Special Teams

SELECTED FIREFIGHTERS ARE GIVEN THE OPPORTUNITY to participate in one of four special operations teams maintained by East Pierce Fire and Rescue.

Team members attend additional training beyond the fire suppression and emergency medical training received by all career and volunteer personnel.

The special ops teams include:

Wildland Firefighting and Rescue Team: The Wildland Team is comprised of East Pierce firefighters who train to battle brush fires that occur with some frequency in our area. The team is also available to help neighboring districts. Occasionally, they are deployed to Federal or State wildfires, where the team gains valuable experience.

Water Rescue Team: The Water Rescue Team responds to emergencies on the many bodies of water in the area and provides surface, dive and swiftwater services.

HazMat Team: HazMat Team members have been extensively trained and equipped to respond to fuel spills, gas leaks and radioactive materials spill. They also train to respond to biohazard emergencies and terrorist attacks.

Technical Rescue Team: The members of the Technical Rescue respond to dangerous rescue situations such as a building collapse, confined-space entrapments and high-angle rescues. This team is also deployed for wilderness rescues.

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