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EPFR Participates in EKG Youth Heart Screenings

The Nick of Time Foundation (NoTF), in partnership with UW Center for Sports Cardiology, will conduct free EKG youth heart screenings for adolescents and young adults ages 12-24 years at an event at Sumner High School on Wednesday, October 5, from 8:30 am-3 pm. Screenings are free; however, donations help to offset costs and facilitate future events.

The painless and non-invasive screenings consist of a Medical History Questionnaire to identify possible signs and symptoms of a heart condition or family history and an EKG that analyzes the heart’s electrical signals. The results are reviewed on-site by medical professionals. An EKG can identify severe heart conditions that a stethoscope cannot detect. The Medical History Questionnaire must be completed in advance and brought to the screening appointment.

Substantial measures are in place to protect student privacy and confidentiality.

The NoTF was created in memory of Nick Varrenti, a seemingly healthy multi-sport athlete who suffered a sudden cardiac arrest and died at age 16. NoTF programs work together to help protect our young people and communities by providing early detection, early access to defibrillation, and CPR/AED education and awareness as we train the next generation of first responders.

East Pierce firefighters are proud to support this life-saving program by conducting baseline screenings, EKGs, and CPR/AED instruction during the event.

To learn more about NoTF and to schedule a health screening, visit

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