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Manikin Practice

The Safe Sitter class includes practice of rescue skills on CPR manikins. Strict standards for controlling infection are followed in using the manikins.



Emergency Contact

If I can not be reached in an emergency, I authorize the following person to act on behalf of my child:

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Student Contract

The Safe Sitter course is a medically accurate child care course developed especially for 11-to-13-year-olds. Safe Sitter teaches you the skills you need to safely care for children & infants through school-age. We want your Safe Sitter class to be a positive experience for you! We want you to know what to expect from us when you take the class and what we expect from you. With those points in mind, please read the following ground rules for the Safe Sitter class.

  1. Attendance. There is a lot to learn in a short period of time – so it's important to come to all sessions, be on time, and stay until the end of class. If this is not possible, you should reschedule for another class.
  2. Respect for property and equipment. The class will be fun and the atmosphere relaxed if students remember that the space and the equipment must be treated with respect... no running, rough play, or loud noises.
  3. Respect for others. You have a great opportunity to meet new people and develop friendships. We will expect you to think of the feelings of others...no teasing or put downs.
  4. Keep track of your materials. Your Safe Sitter Manual was written by Dr. Patricia Keener, the pediatrician who started the Safe Sitter program. Not only will you use it during class, you will want to take it with you when you babysit. Please write your name on your Manual and be sure to bring it back to each class session. Since you will use it around children, make sure that any drawings or writings you put on your materials are appropriate for young children.
  5. Emergency contact. It is important for your parent to be able to reach you in case of an emergency. If your parent does not have the emergency contact number for the classroom, it is permissible to bring a cell phone or pager. You can check for messages during breaks or after class. Please be sure that any electronic devices brought to class are not distracting during class.

Safe Sitter classes are always lots of fun for everyone. The ground rules are meant to help guarantee that fun. Please consider these rules and sign below if you are willing to abide by them.

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