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Interlocal Agreements

Apparatus Sharing ILA (PDF)

Central Pierce Fire & Rescue - Transport Reciprocity (PDF)

City of Bonney Lake - Lease Agreement (PDF)

City of Buckley - First Responder Agreement (PDF)

City of Buckley - First Responder Agreement Map (PDF)

City of Edgewood - City Hall Office Space Agreement (PDF)

City of Milton - Agreement (PDF)

City of Milton - Lease Agreement (PDF)

City of Sumner - Contract (PDF)

City of Tacoma - Radio Support Agreement (PDF)

Department of Natural Resources - Forestland Response Agreement (PDF)

Enumclaw Fire Department - Mutual Aid Agreement (PDF)

Graham Fire & Rescue - Transport Reciprocity (PDF)

Health Care Authority - Ground Emergency Medical Transportation  (PDF)

Multi-Agency - Swiftwater Rescue Interlocal Agreement (PDF)

Orting Valley Fire & Rescue - Transport Reciprocity  (PDF)

Pierce County - Court Crew Agreement (PDF)

Pierce County - Fire Investigation Services (PDF)

Pierce County - Fire Protection Services (PDF)

PCSORT/Pierce County Special Operations Response Team (PDF)

Snohomish Fire District 7 - ILA Code 3 Strategist Piggyback (PDF

Tehaleh - Mitigation Agreement (PDF)

Tehaleh - Training Agreement (PDF)

Town of Buckley - Buckley-Bonney Lake Park Temp Right of Entry (PDF)

Town of Carbonado - First Response Agreement (PDF)

Town of South Prairie - First Response Agreement (PDF)

USDA Forest Service - Cooperative Fire Protection Agreement (PDF)

WA Military Department - EMAC Agreement (PDF)

WA State Health Department - Coverdell Stroke Nat'l Acute Stroke Prevention Agreement (PDF)

WA State Patrol - Mobilization Plan (PDF)

West Pierce Fire & Rescue - GIS Agreement (PDF)

White River School District - Property Use Agreement (PDF)

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