East Pierce Fire Seeks Public Input via Advisory Committee

East Pierce Fire and Rescue is seeking up to 12 interested citizens to help shape the future of their community by participating in a Citizens Advisory Committee that will provide feedback and recommendations on planning for facilities, emergency vehicles and other capital equipment needs.

Committee members will represent and communicate with the community in a strategic planning process. The committee will meet to review the current:

1) Capital Facilities Plan and comment on the update process.

2) Review emergency vehicle replacement plan and needs.

3) The committee will advise the fire district on validity of seeking funding via voter approved bond issue(s) for the purpose of constructing fire stations, replacing emergency vehicles and other capital equipment.

Committee members will act as a communication conduit between the fire district and the community, which may include attending public meetings to support any recommendations of the committee.

The first meeting will be January 24th, 2018 at 7pm.

If interested email chief@eastpiercefire.org.

Scope of Work for Citizens Advisory Committee

The East Pierce Fire and Rescue (EPFR) Board of Fire Commissioners (“Board”) wishes to establish an Ad Hoc Citizen Advisory Committee (“Committee”) to be made of citizens living within the District’s service area. Representatives of the business community, such as local Chamber of Commerce, may participate in the committee as well. This committee is comprised of qualified volunteer citizen members intended to increase public participation in developing plans for meeting the capital facility and equipment needs of EPFR.

Interested citizens and business owners are to complete and submit an application to be considered to serve on the Committee, which is to be comprised of approximately 7-12 individuals.

This is a limited term Committee that will be terminated upon completion of the task, a recommendation on the updated Capital Facilities Plan (CFP) and funding options. The Committee is anticipated to run from February through November 2018.

The committee will be facilitated by the Fire Chief to oversee the progress of the Committee and to provide assistance in making sure the Committee is aware of industry standard practices, standards and regulations.

The Committee provides review, input and feedback to the update of the Fire District’s (CFP) including prioritization of projects, scheduling, and how to fund projects. This will include meetings with fire district staff and the contracted architectural firm updating the CFP. Additionally, the Committee will act as a focused and educated forum for public input and feedback to the organization.

Application consists of completed application form, letter of interest (stating address, experience, education, and current occupation) and resume.

Draft Timeline

  • Dec 2017 Advertise (applications available at www.eastpiercefire.org)
  • Jan 12 Application Deadline
  • Jan 16 Board reviews applications and select members at regular Board meeting
  • Jan 24 First Committee meeting – 7 p.m.

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