Fire Department Uses Old Albertsons Building for Training

EAST PIERCE FIRE AND RESCUE had a unique opportunity to use the old Bonney Lake Albertson’s Store in the summer of 2013 for firefighter training.

“The interior of the building is perfect for search and rescue drills and firefighter survival training,” says East Pierce Battalion Chief Doug Walker. “It’s completely gutted and, when dark, provides the perfect setting for a special obstacle course we have created inside.” One of the drills will involve a single firefighter, with a blacked out mask to simulate a smoke-filled room, who must find his or her way out of the building. “It’s a situation that can occur during a fire in a large commercial building,” Walker explains. This is the type of training that can save firefighters lives by allowing them to learn from their mistakes in a safe environment.” Every East Pierce firefighter, both career and volunteer, will be required to complete all of five of the planned drills.

All training will be conducted indoors. However, we've posted photos of the training here.

Without a training facility, East Pierce must take advantage of empty buildings when they become available. “We are extremely grateful to Albertsons for allowing us to use the building,” Walker says.

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