EAST PIERCE FIRE AND RESCUE operates eight divisions, including:

Operations - Provides fire suppression, emergency medical services and technical rescue response to the district.

Emergency Medical Services (EMS) - Provides clinical oversight of emergency medical services, analyzes department performance on medical aid calls and works with the Training Divsion to conduct on-going medical education and training programs. 

Training - Provides training for firefighters to maintain and improve skills and abilities. All career and volunteer personnel must undergo monthly firefighting and emergency medical training to maintain skills. 

Volunteer - Oversees the volunteer members who respond to all emergencies, including residential and commercial fires, medical emergencies and motor vehicle crashes.

Fire Prevention - Provides plan review, code enforcement and fire investigation. Also includes public education and juvenile firesetter intervention services for all residents served by East Pierce Fire and Rescue.

Safety - Ensures the safety of all firefighters and officers.

Budget and Finance - Continually reviews and analyzes finances and budget preformance to ensure that district residents receive maximum value and service from their fire deptartment.

Emergency Managment - Works closely with law enforcement and local, state and federal agencies to prepare for and manage large-scale emergencies.

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