East Pierce Special Team: Wildland Firefighting and Rescue

THE EAST PIERCE WILDLAND TEAM trains rigorously before the start of every fire season, practicing everything they have learned before they have to use it at a real fire.

The team is comprised of career  firefighters who train to battle brush fires that occur with some frequency in our area.

Because our district serves a combined rural/suburban area, we need firefighters who are specially trained to fight wildland fires and protect homes. These areas can be as remote as the rugged terrain outside of Wilkeson or as urban as the hillsides above State Route 410 East.

The tactics, strategies, equipment and techniques for fighting wildfires is different than fighting structure fires. The Wildland Team often must bring water to areas without fire hydrants, refill engines in remote locales and use chain saws to clear brush surrounding a fire.

The team is also available to help neighboring districts. Occasionally, they are deployed to Federal or State wildfires, where the team gains valuable experience. In these cases, the Federal government or the State Department of Natural Resources pays for the cost of the firefighter's deployment.

Wildland Team Leads

Wildland Firefighting Team is lead by Firefighter Kyle Bylin with assistance from Firefighter Brian O'Leary, Firefighter Tim Jewitt and Firefighter/Paramedic Rex Orcutt.

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